About us

Medical Leadership Team

Dr. Seth Cohen
Dr. Seth Cohen
Assistant Professor Of Urology At NYU

Dr. Cohen is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington and the clinic chief of the Northwest Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine Clinics. He is also the medical director of infection prevention and employee health at NWH. Dr. Cohen specializes in male sexual health. His current research is being conducted in cooperation with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Peter Schlegel M.D.
Dr. Peter Schlegel M.D.

Chairman Of Urology At The Weill Medical College

Dr. Schlegel is a world pioneer in male reproductive health. He helped establish the anatomical basis for the modern curative treatment of localized prostate cancer and his research in male infertility spurred revolution in the field. Peter N. Schlegel, MD, FACS is the James J. Colt Professor and Chairman of Urology; Professor of Reproductive Medicine at The Weill Medical College of Cornell University; Staff Scientist at The Population Council, Center for Biomedical Research; and a Visiting Associate Physician at The Rockefeller University Hospital. He is Urologist-in-Chief NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Steven Lamm M.D.
Dr. Steven Lamm M.D.

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Dr. Lamm is the Medical Director at NYU Langone’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health. He is world-renowned and known to millions as the doctor on ABC-TV’s The View. People in New York City are sophisticated, competitive, and goal-oriented. At the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health, we believe in your ability to take care of yourself—we just give you the tools and the knowledge to do so. I ask what you’ve done to prepare for your checkup.

Our Story

Cenforce.mobi is an integral association of Pharmacy offices that function as an organized group, a brand that helps pharmacies associated to be excellent in Health Care and competitive in the current environment of change.

Since 2008, the year in which Cenforce.mobi was created, we systematically strengthen everything that pharmacies have achieved for a long time, that is, the professionalism of the pharmacist, the healthcare provided in the Pharmacy Office, compliance with Good Practices from the Pharmacy Office, the extreme development of Pharmaceutical Care directed to all patients, (OTC area and ZAP area), the active dispensation by pharmaceutical professionals specialized in the knowledge of medicines and the promotion and monitoring of all health campaigns and education for health proposed by both professional associations and public administrations.

We are a supportive company, committed to our society. Every year we carry out a collaborative project with foundations and non-profit entities to help create a healthier society with a better quality of life.

To all this, we added a group of professionals with great experience and specialized in different areas of management and communication that help to compete in a changing market and improve profitability, something that an independent pharmacy office has neither had nor can have. Today, we are already more than 300 professionals that work in Cenforce.mobi.

Our knowledge of the market and consumer habits, and our management and monitoring capacity, are the competitive advantages of Cenforce.mobi. For us, the customer comes first. In our online store the client finds the same confidence and security that we have gained in off line.

Our online team is formed by pharmaceutical professionals, always at the service of the client, through our chat. They attend any type of consultation and personalized advice before the purchase and after-sale.